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A higher flavonoid intake improves the composition of gut microbiota and lowers blood pressure, research finds. Flavonoids are natural compounds mainly found in fruits and vegetables, which may lower the risk of heart disease.

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The diversity in gut microbiota is greater when consuming flavonoid-rich foods such as apple, pears, berries, teadark chocolate, and red wine which results in reducing blood pressure levels. Researchers suggest that the composition of the gut microbiota microorganisms in the digestive tracts is different between people with and without cardiovascular disease.

Up to low blood pressure percent of the relationship between high flavonoid intake and reduction in blood pressure could be explained by the diversity of the microbiome. An intake of one-and-a-half cups of berries per day, equivalent to grams or 1.

Drinking ml of red wine per week was linked to a 3. A better understanding of the highly individual variability of flavonoid metabolism could very well explain why some people have greater cardiovascular protection benefits from flavonoid-rich foods than others.

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